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Our Approach

We’ve decided to make financial planning a core piece of our client experience. Investments have become a commodity, and you as a client have access to the same information that we do. What we find our clients need and value most is our ability to help them define their goals, develop a roadmap to get there, and provide useful feedback along the way so that you know if you are still on track. It is our job to help you make decisions and navigate important life events by serving up the right information at the right time. 
When you decide to become a client, we take you through a 3-step planning process: discovery, recommendations, and implementation. During the discovery phase, we’re going to ask a lot of questions, and you’ll need to provide us with a number of documents; we’ll send you a list. Once we are confident we have complete, accurate information, we begin our work. We take all of our discussions about what is important about money to you, what your goals are, and the snapshot of where you are today to build an actionable roadmap to get you where you want to go. We’ll sit down with you and share what that looks like on our advanced financial planning software, and you have the opportunity to make adjustments live until you feel comfortable. Then we implement the strategy you’ve decided upon.